The Joy of (groomed) Brows

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I can think of few things more satisfying than suffering weeks of overgrown eyebrows (daily plucking of strays does not equal the look of having them freshly pruned) and then finally getting them sorted out. It imparts a feeling of well-being and peacefulness than no cup of green tea or meditation session can.

So why did my brows get out of control? Listen to my nightmare.

Before we departed for the US for the holidays, I didn't have a chance to get threaded. I figured I'd get some wax strips (those handy strips which already have the wax on them, which you heat and then apply and let rip) once I arrived. Except no shops in my small hometown carried them. And when I took a two-day trip to NYC, none of the pharmacies I checked had them either.

Finally, I found a box of wax strips at the grocery store back in Ohio. When I went to use them, the box contained a little spray bottle of de-sensitizing liquid, the usual 'calming' wipes...and no strips. Someone had stolen them. I went back to the store to exchange them for another box, and it turned out that every box on the shelf was empty. Someone (Chewbacca?) had made off with about 80 wax strips. I almost burst into tears right there in Kroger.

So when I got back to London, I sorted myself out before I'd even unpacked. We're heading back to the US tomorrow, and it's nice to do so with streamlined brows. (While I'm in NYC, I plan to hit J Sisters for a variety of services, so watch this space for more on that.)

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