The “No Contact” Contract:

Surviving The Break-Up Blues offers up an entire list of everything you’ll need to survive a recent break-up, including the Break-Up Survival Kit.

The one item I found listed in this entire article that every single person who might be dating should print and keep on hand as a ‘just in case’ tool - either for yourself or a close friend who may suddenly recognize you as part of their ’support system’ is The “No Contact” Contract.

Feel free to copy this, save it to your own hard drive or print it out for safe keeping.

Do Not Call Your Ex

Oh look! There’s your cell phone! Their number is on speed dial! You’re two thumb twitches away from (dumb de dumb dumb) telling them exactly how they ruined your life. STOPPP! Do not call your ex! Delete him or her from your contacts list on all your phones. Write off any belongings you still have at his/her pad. Cut the cord and buy a journal…or some shoes…or something. Just, whatever you do, don’t call. It’ll just slow down your recovery. Consider making this pact with yourself.

The “No Contact” Contract:

I hereby pledge that I will not prolong my anguish by attempting to contacting my ex or to orchestrate any elaborate “accidental” meeting with him or her. My healing has now begun and I will avoid re-opening those wounds like I would avoid a bear trap in the woods. I promise that, by “contacting my ex” I mean every single form of communication from IM, to chat boards, to friends passing messages, to sending smoke signals from yonder mountain. I will not call or write, I will not try to reach him/her through the spirit world, and I will not think about my ex. Okay, I probably will think about my ex… quite a bit in fact. But I promise that this phenomenon will diminish over time.

Signed: (Your Name Here)

Do what you have to do, just do NOT call your ex! It’s done, finished, over, kaput!

Now check out that survival kit and start getting over it already.

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