T2B Poll Result: when do You do Your Christmas Shopping?

Time to wrap things up for last month’s poll.

Poll Question: When do you do your Christmas shopping?

The number of participants were a bit low, so, the results were, er, not as promising as I had hoped but I do appreciate you guys who took the time to vote! Luurrvve you to bits!

Total number of voters are 23.

Quite surprisingly, a lot of you do your shopping at the last minute — just like I do! LOL. 52% voted that they do their Christmas shopping on the month of December, 13% of the voters plan ahead by doing their shopping during October and 9% on the month of November — perhaps there’s a lull in shopping schedules since most are waiting for the bonuses to arrive? Teehee.

What surprised me the most is the fact that 26% — yes, 26%! — voted, “Bah. Hambug!” What a bunch of scrooges! Heeheehee. Kidding. Kidding. Who am I to judge when I can admit that I really am not fond of the Christmas season. LOL. Even my body agreed with me since I got *really* sick during the holidays and only got better on **Boxing Day**! Imagine that.

Fun poll! I hope you guys get to participate in the next one!

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