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Lockit Horizontal Bag by Louis Vuitton

By Deysa

March 24, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: Deysa

Lockit Horizontal Bag by Louis Vuitton
For quite some time now, I had been in search of that perfect large tote to use as a school bag; recently I discovered the bag I had been in search of, and that bag is the Lockit Horizontal by Louis Vuitton. I can’t wait to reveal, (I feel like I must) and share my personal opinions on this particular Vuitton bag.

First of all, the bag I was going to employ as my everyday college bag had to be big. How big? Well, my future bag had to be capable of at least carrying a 14” Dell laptop, spiral notebooks, at least one textbook, and my daily essentials, such as keys, wallet, compact, pen, and a lip gloss or two. Poor bag you might think, but I knew there had to be one.

I did research on the largest bags Louis Vuitton carried, and I had remembered (from a previous visit to an LV boutique), that the Lockit Horizontal had make the cut as a “large bag” and had been pretty appealing (appearance wise) to me as well. The Lockit Horizontal is a bag that doesn’t get much attention, but it did catch mine. I feel the Lockit is a mixture between two of Vuitton’s classics, the Speedy and the Alma. Why? Well it has the dome shaped structure and the Vachetta base of the Alma, and it also contains the lock feature, the soft body, and the round leather handles that can be found on the classic Speedy.

Upon purchasing and receiving the Lockit Horizontal, I knew I had chosen a great bag. It was perfect and just what I had been looking for. Not only is the Lockit a great school bag, but it’s also comfortable enough to take out on shopping sessions. If your ever in search of a large bag to use as a school bag, diaper bag, or just an everyday bag, I truly recommend you give the Lockit Horizontal a try.

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