Lisa Solomon Repurposes Paint Chips


Lisa Solomon Repurposes Paint Chips
Lisa Solomon Repurposes Paint Chips

The controversy on Lisa Solomon's pieces involving point sewing on paint chips isn't about them being witty or pretty or charming (which they all are) - it's about the price, which is $400 USD each. Some at design*sponge thought this was nuts and some said, what price beauty? Solomon herself appeared to point out that she is a professional artist with a studio to pay for - and also that professional galleries wouldn't let her charge the $100-$200 she actually wanted to. I grew up an artist so I know what she means; price is complex and perverse and maddening. When all one really wants is to give everybody something nice it's hard to factor money into that in a sensible way. If you want enough you have to charge too much or you won't get any. And then you get too much, and it gets distracting. And then you sit in your office with your MacBook and your Maine Coon and wonder why you don't quit your job so you can finish your novel. I feel for you, Lisa. [GT]

Lisa Solomon [via design*sponge]

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