Like's Visual Search Engine - Shopping Made Easier!

Ever wanted a search engine that will find you exactly what you're after - even if you don't know what or where it is? (Not unlike the fabulous girls over at the Shiny Fashion Forums) Ever seen a pair of shoes, a handbag or jewellery on a celebrity that you loved, but couldn't afford - and you were dying to find something similar in your price range? (haven't we all?) Well, our new friends over at What Celebs Wear (featuring our very own Bag Lady this week!) have a fantastic scoop for us! They've discovered a fabulous new website - - which has a visual search engine that allows you to search for products based on their appearance!! Once you find the basic item that you're after (you can pick from stock pictures, celeb photos, or browsing), it searches a range of stores to find visually similar products based on your criteria. You can then adjust the results by what you most like about an item: Colour, shape or pattern. Once you've found the item you want - you click on 'Buy', and it'll open another browser window with your pick - ready to add to your shopping cart! I've already spent an hour playing around on the site, and I must say - I'm quite impressed - and given that most of my shopping these days is online, that's no mean feat! Unfortunately, the site is US-based, so most of the shops are American; but fortunately, several ship internationally! You can learn more about this service at the Like blog, or learn how to use the visual search engine before you give the site a go! My only hope is that they'll add apparel to the search, and sooner than later! Let us know what you think! [...]

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