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Apples2apple Club ...

By Anne

We are so pleased to announce that Apples2apple Club is prelaunched!

What is Apples2apple Club?

Share your stylish life here ... show us what's going on in your life and people around you. Find something cool? Start your own show here and be jueged!

Why join Apples2apple Club?**
Join Apples2apple Club, start to share your life with all of us today! Show everyone what cool stuffs you've got or what you have found. It's a club for who loves simple and style life!
Why Apples2apple Club?**
I am so thrill to find out that more and more people emailing me everyday to review their sites on Apples2apple Blog. First of all, thank you all for the trust you have with us. Unfortunately, we won't be able to list them all. (And you all know that we are trying hard to catch as much as we could.) Then we thought, why don't we set up a club where members can have their own space with Apples2apple and start introduce themselves to all of us ?

Finally, it is here - Apples2apple Club Join us today and be the first member of our club!

Club will be launched earlier next month and we will have new contest and lots of fun events so get in today while it's not too crowed ...


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