Product Buzz: the Purz-n-izer™ ...

It happens all the time: whenever I am looking for something in my purse, be it a cell phone, car keys, a receipt or little paper, whatever, I can't find it right away! I have to dig and dig through all the stuff I accumulate throughout the days. And, forget about switching purses - I think about it twice before doing it. But, there is something that will save the day for us, the Purz-n-izer™! Is this you?

The Purz-n-izer™ is a bag organizer accessory that "will revolutionize" the way we think of handbags forever. The Purz-n-izer™ adds convenience to every moms' life by storing all purse items neatly in eight individual compartments making them easily located and reached. You can switch between purses to travel or baby bags quickly, by simply lifting The Purz-n-izer™ from one and dropping it into another!

This hot purse organizer has a sleek design, water-resistant interior/exterior, comes in different prints, colors and three convenient sizes. The large size is great for keeping your bag organized while travelling or in your gym bag - great way to store shampoo bottles and lotions. The medium and small bags are a perfect fit for your hobo and also works in any sized bag. Great for the frequent purse changer! I love that!

Here is how it really works! And, The Purz-n-izer™ is having specials for certain bag patterns and sizes, so hurry, and "get it together girl!"

P.S.: The Purz-n-izer™ is an organizer with a cause. Proceeds of sales of the Purznizer™ are donated to non-profit organizations.

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