The Latest Technology to Hit the Fitting Rooms: Interactive Mirrors ...

The latest technology in social networking is hitting the fitting rooms. We all know that instant messaging and internet networking have become staples of everyday life; now, IconNicholson a New York based interactive agency, is planning to bring that level of networking to the fitting rooms with the latest in computer technology.

You know how you can email friends from zafuto ask their opinion about jeans? Well it will be like that, except you'll be standing in the fitting room with the jeans on. You send your friends (or your myspace account) a picture of you in the outfit and they can immediately respond. Responses will show up as text on the fitting room mirror.

The developers think that this concept will have a strong appeal for 17 to 24 year olds who are really into the whole social networking thing and enjoy trying out new technology.

**Does this seem like a good idea to anyone? **
**First: **Wouldn’t it be more fun just to have your friends with you?
Second: Do you really want everyone’s opinion about your fashion choices (especially that friend and/or sister that can convince you to buy anything)?
**Third: **Does "Big Brother" come to anyone else’s mind?

I remember a television expose a few years back about spy holes, security cameras, and secret 2 way mirrors in ladies fitting rooms. It caused a mild panic for many women, me included. You were never quite sure if some unwanted stranger was watching you.

I’m not sure I will respond well knowing that the mirror in my fitting room is actually a computer screen capable of transmitting my (until now) private clothes shopping misery to the world.

I can picture myself already, tapping on the glass before I undress..."Is this thing on?!?"

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