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I Whish upon a Star....PRODUCT REVIEW Whish I ...

By Elke

I "Whish" upon a star....PRODUCT REVIEW: Whish

I "Whish Upon a Star.....No, I'm not having a spelling problem. It's "Whish". Have you heard of it? It's the cutest new product line addicted to women's shaving... As they say on their website:

"Crafted exclusively for women with essential oils and natural ingredients, this is a lusciously soothing, lingeringly moisturizing and surprisingly simple way to shave. What more could a girl wish for?"

A gift idea: Their Mini Shave Crave $32.00 ea.

You get one each Shave Cream of
Lemongrass and
Almond scents.

Mini Shave Crave is:
not tested on animals, and
made in the U.S.A.

I tried their Almond shave and the smell is heavenly!!! Pomegranate also, but not quite my style. Lemongrass? My fav.

The product works better if you like to do a 'dry' shave. Just apply on dry skin and shave away. The scent makes the whole experience decadent and it really helps protect your skin against razor burn *ouch, and nicks and cuts. It also leaves skin softer, but not greasy or oily.

Then finish off with their Shave Savor.

shown: Lemongrass Shave Savor.

Also available in Pomegranate and Lemongrass.

It's just a little aftershave treat for your legs to leave them soft, with a light fragrant. Cucumber, sage and peppermint is added to soothe and soften.

But the best part of all?

OOOOH girl, you know you gotta have one. Their Crystal Demi Body Brush. In different colors, this brush transforms the Shave Crave into a complete experience.

The Crystal Body Brush is handmade in England from 100% fine badger hair and is jeweled in fine Swarovski crystal. $95.00 ea.

If you want to know the story behind Whish, you gotta check out their "Our Story" page.. soooo cute!

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