Kelly Ripa's Outie Goes Un-airbrushed


Kelly Ripa's Outie Goes Un-airbrushed
Kelly Ripa's Outie Goes Un-airbrushed

good evening! oh my goodness - i had zero clue there was some previous kelly ripa belly button drama (yes - there are more important pressing issues...) she was on the cover of shape magazine a few months ago and the publication decided to turn her outie into an innie (she told the story on her & regis philbin's morning talk show - she didn't complain since they did pay for her to travel to the turks and caicos islands...) so then today i received the latest cover of fitness magazine which is bringing us ms. ripa's belly button in all its outie glory for their december '07 issue - there's no photoshopping on a belly button imposter! (i kinda have one in between both styles along with a small & tasteful piercing) below you'll find a close up shot of kelly's belly button 'au naturel' along with the full cover - she always looks great and she totally cracks me up - i seriously miss her friday night sitcom hope & faith! there's also a few choice quotes - and just for the sake of hotness i've simply got to mention her husband mark consuelos - oh my word - he's way adorable!

PS there's seriously so many health & beauty magazines - i'd like to see one on the shelves called drinking & smoking (or maybe we'll go with a more simple title like mess) we all know there'd be plenty of people to toss on that cover...

oh you're so vain
"a month or two after i started working out, i wore a sleeveless turtleneck to work. regis was like, ‘pipa, your arm muscles look incredible!' it was the first time anybody had ever said anything to me about my muscles. and because i am a vain person, that's all i needed to hear to stay with it."

on starting her fitness regime
"i figured, i work in an industry where there's a stylist and a makeup artist

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I like to put some seman on that!!!!!!!!

I would love to put my seman on that.

Beautifull bellybutton l love it 💋💋xxx

I likee kelly.

sure, Im sure her unairbrushed belly looks like that with all her children, HA Ha ha!!

good enough to eat.. and her too.

I love Kelly's outie

Nice belly button .

and the killer . Kelly rocks.

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