Carlos Santana Wife Getting Divorced


Carlos Santana Wife Getting Divorced
Carlos Santana Wife Getting Divorced

Guitarist Carlos Santana and his wife of 34 years are divorcing, according to documents filed in Marin County Superior Court.

Deborah Santana, who in her 2005 memoir, “Space Between the Stars,” described her husband as being unfaithful, moved to dissolve their marriage on Oct. 19, citing irreconcilable differences.

Carlos Santana’s publicist, Michael Jensen, said the case is “a private matter and there is no comment.”

The musician has said he knew he made mistakes in his marriage.

“I sincerely apologized to her and to my kids when I wasn’t in my right mind and did something hurtful. It has helped me become more humble and to try harder to be the man she wants me to be,” Carlos Santana said after the memoir was published.

The Santanas have been business partners as well as spouses. Together, they created the Milagro Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports underprivileged children.

Earlier this year, they announced plans to create three Mexican restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area named Maria, Maria after one of Carlos Santana’s Grammy-winning singles.

The couple have three children, ages 17, 22 and 23.

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