Katie Holmes' New Flick - under Lock amp Key ...


hey hey! oh my word - i so enjoy getting a mysterious package in the mail (as long as it's not ticking) the other day i received a small discreet box that contained a plastic container filled with actual shredded money - a master lock w/ two keys laying was laying in the pile of shred...attached was a small tag with the words will they get away with it? on one side - the other side was printed with the date 1.18.08! (there are pictures posted below)

at first i was semi-confused about what it all meant but then i quickly remembered the premiere of katie holmes' new flick **mad money** was indeed january 18th (two days after my 32nd birthday!) how funny that for ms. holmes' first movie since going under the spell of tom cruise would be promoted by sending out a lock & key - ha!

i actually would like to see the movie (the trailer is also posted below) which also stars queen latifah & diane keaton (who starred in my favorite movie of all-time hands down - annie hall - for me there's no better movie) who doesn't love a hopefully half-way decent heist film & unique little marketing scheme - and what did it cost them? a bunch of locks, shredded money, and postage - and look at what happened - i posted on it! i swear the amount of email pitches i get are insane but i'm so overly picky but this totally demanded a post! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

PS i am now officially a guitar hero junkie - i can't help myself - it's beyond fun - i'm going to play right now...

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