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Katie Holmes' Secret Pregnancy ...

By popbytes

good evening! continuing on the gossip express below you'll find the latest **national enquirer** featuring katie holmes front & center with a supposed 'secret' pregnancy...with her ex-boyfriend! (who i'm assuming must be chris klein) lately it has all been about tom cruise and his crazy secrets coming out (thanks to andrew morton's explosive new unauthorized biography) so maybe it's time to reveal some of katie's secrets! although a secret pregnancy does seem a little far fetched - i'm more inclined to believe there are lies about little suri that could destroy their marriage (gosh i hope it's not anything like rosemary's baby - could you imagine katie found out she gave birth to l. ron hubbard's baby? that would be insane!)

moving on we've got more on eddie murphy's 14 day marriage to tracey edmonds - just look at the picture - mr. murphy is not a happy camper - no wonder it didn't last long at all! plus inside there's info on the fight that ended their short union - 'word for word'! mel gibson makes the cover as well - with his twin boys edward & christian who both turned 19 in june and now there's word of crack, pills, and booze (calling amy winehouse) forcing them both into rehab!

last but not least there's legendary actor paul newman (who turns 83 on jan 26th) with a life or death surgery - and the battle to save him! i swear when he was younger - he was one of the best looking guys ever - he's also incredibly talented - plus he has managed to stay with his wife joanne woodward for almost 50 years (the pair wedded back in 1958) i hope everything goes ok for mr. newman! (last week the magazine had suzanne pleshette ailing - and over the weekend sadly she passed away - they sure did call that one - things always happen in threes - first brad renfro, then ms. pleshette, and just yesterday heath ledger - spooky!) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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