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John Waters is the Groom Reaper

By popbytes

hey kiddies! here's some info about a brand new scripted show starting march 19th over on **court tv** which i'll admit that i've never watched before but that's about to change...**'til death do us part** is a kooky anthology series (think 'twilight zone' & 'night gallery') about wedded bliss couples who end up knocking off one of their spouses! the best part about all of this though is the host...**john waters** who introduces the murderous tale at hand & then wraps up all the good times at the end! i'm a huge fan of mr. waters and all his movies...i'm thrilled they got him to appear as the groom reaper

below is the cover of a comic book created by DC comics for the first episode entitled 'the funeral parlor murder' - you can even explore the inside by heading over here and the comic will also be sold in some virgin megastores - what a clever idea to get a little buzz rolling for the show! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

get out the rice, the wedding cake and the hearse. john waters (hairspray, serial mom, pink flamingos) stars as "the groom reaper" in court tv's first original scripted series, 'til death do us part premiering monday march 19th at 10 pm, the 13-episode, half-hour, anthology series features stories inspired by true crimes involving married couples whose once wedded bliss ends in murder.

as "the groom reaper," waters, who is starring in a drama series for the first time, acts as a time-traveler who guides the viewer through bizarre tales and incredible cases. each episode begins with a wedding scene - in which he makes his first eerie appearance - that subsequently leads to the mystery of who will commit the murder. the story slowly unfolds throughout the episode - ably assisted by the "groom reaper's" observations - until the finale when he makes his re-appearance and offers closure...until the next wedding!

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