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Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Being Released ...

By bumpshack

Vivid Entertainment is moving full steam ahead with the release of** Kim Kardashian’s** sex tape and ignoring her pending lawsuit against them. Vivid announced last month that they had purchased the tape and would be releasing it on their website. The sex tape featuring Kim and wanna-be rapper Ray J. will be released on March 21st.

Steven Hirsch, Co-Chairman of Vivid, told TMZ, “I met with Kim yesterday and unfortunately, we didn’t even come close to reaching an agreement. We will now immediately move forward with the release.”

After Kardashian filed suit last month, Vivid announced that they would temporarily halt production. The company feels confident that they have a legal right to distribute the DVD of the video. They paid an unidentified third party $1 million for rights to the tape, which was made three years ago.

Vivid promises a new preview clip will be available next week on

Despite the lawsuit, Hirsch tells TMZ he is still a huge fan of Kim’s. “Kim has all of the qualities that we look for in a Vivid Girl. She’s both beautiful and well-spoken which is a rare combination. In fact, if she was a Vivid Girl I might have cast her as ‘Debbie’ in our ‘Debbie Does Dallas…Again’ TV series which debuts [Friday] night at 11pm on Showtime.” Nice plug Steve.

Kim had denied that the sex tape existed in prior interviews. Her claim to fame is being the daughter of one of the lawyers who got O.J. Simpson off with murder. She is also famous for being one of Paris Hilton’s leaches.

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