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Jennifer Lopez Does UK Elle

By popbytes

hey boys & girls! i hope everyone is managing to stay dry over on the east coast - i talked to my dear mom today and she said the backyard has turned into a lake! too bad i can't send some of the west coast sunshine over there - although the sun is shining here the temperature is a bit on the cool side! anyways there's been a recent rash of rumors concerning jennifer lopez's marriage with marc anthony being on the rocks but in the may issue of **elle** magazine (the UK edition) ms. lopez claims she's at a great place in her life and she has never been happier...although i bet jen wishes her new spanish album was selling better than it is!

i've always had my ups & downs with her but right now i don't mind her so much (girlfriend does need to stop wearing fur though!) if she does end up getting divorced from mr. anthony - that would score her extra points in my eyes - i just don't like her hubby - he's such a creepy creeperson! i'd like to read the whole interview though - just to see what she has to say about victoria & david beckham...between katie holmes and ms. lopez - victoria needs to open up her own marriage counseling center! (but now there's rumors of trouble in that marriage as well!) popbytes over & out for now - i'll check you all later - xxoo!

she's been jenny from the block, jlo and one half of 'bennifer' but this month jennifer lopez, 37, tells elle exclusively why she's the happiest she's ever been and how she always knew she'd find love. "[in my quest for love] i've been burned, i've been bashed and i've been beaten," she says, "but I've never allowed myself to stop believing that one day I would get it right."

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