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Jennifer Lopez Night at 'American Idol' ...

By bumpshack

I am just very glad the contestants on American Idol tonight were not required to sing Jennifer Lopez songs. A very weak night of performances. I think the playing field is pretty wide open at this point.

Melinda Doolittle- B+ - So good that she is boring. She looked very Dreamgirl-ish and did a pretty good job.

Lakisha Jones- **D** - I usually like KiKi but I sort of felt like I was watching a funny Youtube clip of a high school reunion where the girl from back in the day had a bit too much to drink during karaoke.

Chris Richardson- D- - Don’t sing a song that was so good and so popular just a few years back. The public will inevitably compare you to that and Chris was not even close to as good as Rob Thomas on ‘Smooth’.

Haley Scarnato- B+ - She continues to improve. I think she got laid by one of the pretty model boys in the club and discovered her sex drive and appeal. She has a star factor quality to her (ala manufactured Britney). I think she will survive this week.

Phil Stacey- B- - He does a pretty good job when I am not looking at the tv and just listening. I just wish he would dress his age and straighten his hat out. He gave one of the better performances but I still believe Phil will be in the bottom three tomorrow night.

Jordin Sparks- C+ - Hard for the rhythm to get you when you don’t have any, but JS is very talented and perhaps had the best vocal of the night. Jordin needs to work on her dancing and movements while singing. I thought when she got started this would be a lot better than it ended up being.

Blake Lewis- **B** - Perhaps the biggest kiss up in the competition by singing a song by J-Lo’s husband Marc Anthony. Blake was easily the worst dressed contestant of the night. He did a good job but to me he sounds the exact same on every song he sings. He also doesn’t smile while performing. Great song for him and so far the best performance but Sanjaya hasn’t performed yet.

Sanjaya Malakar- A+ - A lil bit more spray gel and a goatee this week. First time he has looked ‘normal’ in a few shows. Oh yeah his singing….I thought he did a really good job. I honestly think he had the best vocal of the night. Congrats Sanjaya. Now watch him get voted off after a really good performance.

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