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Is Idol’s Chris a Two-Timer?

American idol’s Chris Richardson, 23, isn’t just stealing hearts- he may be breaking them too! The Justin Timberlake look-alike from Chesapeake, VA has been linked to fellow Idol contestant Alaina Alexander, 24, ever since the Hollywood beauty was spotted sitting with Chris’ family in the audience after being voted off on March 1! Adding fuel to the rumors: Alaina posted a picture of herself with Chris on her Myspace page!

Team J.Lo Can’t Score!

Jennifer Lopez is bragging about what a fantastic team she and hubby Marc Anthony make, but the star’s sagging record sales and her revamped image as a serious artist are making their joint efforts look like a disaster! When Jennifer, 37, told Marc, 38, that she wanted to make a Spanish-language album last year, he eagerly jumped at producing it. Yet on April 4, news broke that fewer than 50,000 copies of Jennifer’s heavily promoted Como Ama Una Mujer had sold. In fact, the album came in a lonely tenth on the charts, behind Tim McGraw, Good Charlotte and even a collection of old Elton John songs. As one music publicist put it: “Jennifer’s album is a bomb!” What went so wrong? “Marc probably pushed Jennifer to be less formulaic and to try to reach deep inside to find her true voice,” says a source. “But Jennifer’s hits have been very formulaic and overly produced dance numbers- songs like ‘Waiting for Tonight’ and Jenny from the Block.’ Marc’s album was designed to be deep- but no one wants that from Jennifer. They don’t want artistry, they want fun hits! I think Marc misfired.”

John & Jessica’s Secret Honeymoon

Swept off her feet by lanky singer John Mayer, Jessica Simpson shocked her family and friends by running away with her man for a romantic hush-hush “honeymoon” as he tours Australia! And John is so crazy in love with Jessica that, as they walked hand in hand on the beach, he surprised her by taking her in his arms and popping the question! Before John left the U.S. for a 12-day Australian tour, a mopey but understanding Jessica told him that he didn’t have to take her with him if he thought she would get in the way, a friend of Jessica tells Star. “John told her he had plenty of downtime built into his concert schedule so that they could see the sights.” The moment he proposed was very special for the happy pair. A close friend of Jessica says. “She told me that she and John were strolling on the beach, and he spun her around, took her in his arms and told her, ‘You know I could get used to this.’” And jess, who probably couldn’t believe her ears laughed and told John, “‘if this is a marriage proposal, you can do better than that!’” says the friend. “She said John turned red!” John’s rep denies he popped the question, but a friend tells Star that she and John started calling the trip their ‘working honeymoon”- and there was plenty of honeymooning ahead! “I think the trip to Australia sealed the deal for them,” says a source. “I really see them getting married.’ And it sounds like Jessica is ready to say yes. “I’ve not really felt happiness at this level before,” she recently confessed. All John has to do now is come up with a better proposal!

How to Pick Up a Celebrity!

Jake Gyllenhaal

Be a sporty spice!

Ditch the clubs to catch this beau, Jack is often found hiking in the Hollywood hills, biking along the California coast w/ buds Lance Armstrong and Matt McConaughey, and playing ball.

Must Love dogs!

Jake’s devoted to his German shepherd, Atticus

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