I Finally Saw 'a Chorus Line'!!!

this past wednesday i was all set to see the color purple on broadway for the matinee show - i got to the TKTS line around 1:30 pm - tickets were available to see fantasia do her thing...but then i noticed that i could also see a chorus line - i just glazed over with glee & tons of excitement and quickly tossed ms. barrino aside - sorry girlfriend! (i'd still love to see that show but i could only squeeze in time for one - boo hoo!)

i've loved 'chorus line' like since forever (i sang one in like the 5th grade - with the help of my teacher ms. alexander) i know all of the songs like the back of my hand but i'd never seen the show performed - the 1985 movie starring michael douglas simply doesn't count! i bought my ticket and hurried over to the schoenfeld theatre on 45th street - i usually prefer a night performance but i had to do the matinee - which is usually (always) the geriatric crowd - the poor old lady next to me was either sleeping or dead - i almost couldn't tell sometimes - yikes! (her purple hair was way cute though!)

i had an excellent seat (half-priced too!) once the music started (again...step, kick, kick, leap, kick, touch...) i almost began to cry (i know i'm such a nerd!) it was just one of those full circle moments - the show didn't disappoint at all - i freakin' loved it - musical theater heaven! this 2006 broadway revival which opened this past october remained faithful to the show's original incarnation from back in the 70's led by michael bennett - i especially loved nothing & hello twelve, hello thirteen, hello love and of course my favorite song from the show at the ballet - it's such a simple show but has so much heart & honesty - for sure one of broadway's great classics!

gosh i love unexpected encounters - the show wasn't even an option in my mind until i saw there were tickets available (i'm a little out of the loop on what's playing right now - i need to keep up!) i'm super glad i made the choice i did! i've also got to mention a few of the incredible cast members including charlotte d'amboise (cassie), deidre goodwin (sheila) and natalie cortez (diana) - all kicked ass - especially ms. cortez who along with nothing did an excellent job with what i did for love (audio posted below with a nice photo montage!) also make sure to check out the show's website - chock full o' info & other goodies!

i'm so beat right now - it's been a long but very good week but i'm totally looking forward to heading back to los angeles on monday! i'm glad i got to see at least one bway show - one of the things i miss most about NYC! (besides some way awesome friends) i've got another post planned about everything else i did and i think i'll be seeing spiderman 3 tomorrow with my mom - i'm looking forward to that - i've heard great things (and it made a shitload of money already - breaking records!) popbytes over & out for tonight - xxoo!

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