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First thing's first.How To Speak Dog: Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication Stanley Corenlinks §amazon §alibris">">alibris §booksense §google §powells There is absolutely no question in my mind that animals communicate. They communicate with each other. They communicate with us. They communicate with other animals.They do not, however, speak - Barbara Walters Says Her Dog Talked to Her - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment: Walters says when she told Cha-Cha she loved her, Cha-Cha said “I love you” back. Walters says she's going to bring the woman who was with her at the time on the show to back up her story.Why do we insist on insisting that animals be human? Can they not just be animals? If there is one thing that I like about Cesar Millan, it's that he is a voice for allowing a dog to be a dog.Can Ms. Walters please just say, “okay, my dog barked in such a way that it sounded like 'I love you' but probably meant something more like 'more kibble, flowerface.'”Alas. Ms. Walters will likely do nothing of the sort. And we will be flooded with people who claim that their dog talks to them too... in English, no less.Dogs speak dog. And if we learn more about the language of dog, we will be able to communicate better with them. But if we demand that they speak English (or Spanish, or Cobol, etc.), then we will distance ourselves from them... or rather, they will become unhappy masters of an ignorant breed.Blessings.Tags: barbara | barbarawalters | chacha | chihuahua | dog | flowerface | howtospeakdog | kibble | speak | walters | YouAreaDog. [...]

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