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Hits Misses at the Golden Globes

By Elke

Well, last night The Golden Globes promised a night of shining celebrities and witty award winning speeches. And they almost delivered on that. Or maybe they did?

But here, it's not really about who won or lost.
It's about who hit or missed.

As in the makeup & hair department.
Because that's really what matters right?

Just who hit and who missed?
Let's recap, shall we?


Those that missed had it kinda going on, but it was that one mishap, that lead it all astray. And sadly, on camera, that one goofed item can ruin the whole thing. In this case? I saw a lot of hair styles that, well, just wasn't working.

A major trend that I saw was the deliberate messy, I could care less, but I'll try anyway hair. What the? Major misses here... This is the Golden Globes, not the time to try out the new beach head look...

Case in point:
Sarah Jessica Parker:

Mandy Moore

Heidi Klum

I wish there a side picture of this. Ugg!!!

Johnny Dep

See? Not even Johnny could get it right. But then, he's always that way.

Worse Accessory:
Mariah Carey

When it's your own hair used to make a headband. Ahhhh, no.

Worse Makeup:
Anne Hathaway

Well, not thaaaat bad, but oh, it could have been so much better. See? Red lipstick gone wrong. Too much, too bright, just toooo red. I know, it's the glamour era, the 40's and all, but here, it's too bright.

Worse Dress

I know Pamela always has that sexy, just got out of bed look, but here, I think she really did forget to get dressed. Are those her satin bed sheets she's wearing?

Worse, ah, everything?
Alannis Morrisette

Maybe she wanted a change. I feel it. But, awww, it's mouth dropping shock. Not, oh my god you're gorge! Ain't working.

The Ohh so close:
Gwen Palthrow

Ok, I know what she was going for. That romantic, maternal, fairie like mommy to be look. See? The wavy hair, the goddess dress, the.. oh wait. It's just not working here... Oh so close.

Terri Hatcher

Dress beautiful, makeup, beautiful. But when you have really fine hair, that's long, it just doesn't work in the elegant department. Do something, a style, anything.

Best Dress of the Night:


I said best dress, not necessarily hair/makeup. She needed more! More color, more cheeks, glossy lips! But still, amazing dress.

Really close second is Kiera. Beautiful... beautiful.

Best Jewelry:
Okay, I want those earrings. Anyone? Anyone? Kiera also wins our best accessory of the night.

Best Makeup:

Beautiful. Perfect color, composition, even focus on eyes and lips... Just perfect.

And finally, my winner for:

Best Overall Everything.

Eva L.

Best makeup, amazing hair extensions, gown, everything. Not over the top, but so pretty you didn't know where to look first. Perfect.

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