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Fendi Artist Baguette Bag the DIY Project

By Jennifer

February 19, 2008

Designer Fendi Artist Baguette Bag
Feelin a little creative? Fendi has just the thing to fill your free time, the Artist Baguette.

For this DIY project you will need $1,300. For that price, you will get a box of special Fendi markers and a plain white leather ‘baguette style’ bag, minus the signature logo pattern. Although, all you friends will know it’s Fendi, with the interlocking “F” magnetic closure on the front flap.

I don’t know about this whole artistic paint it yourself project idea, for me. I guess if I was super artistic then I would take a crack at. However, I lack that special artistic trait when it comes to painting or drawing.

Also I would rather pick up the signature Fendi white Anniversary Baguette for $300-less over at Saks Fifth Avenue, then when I get sick of it a couple months later (like so many of my bags), I will pawn it off on one of my arty friends to have a go at it.

What do you guys think of this idea? Do you wish that more designers had DIY projects like this? Or should the creativity be left to the designers.

Find the Fendi Artist Baguette Bag at Neiman Marcus for $1300 (preorder)

Find the Fendi Anniversary Baguette Bag at Saks Fifth Avenue for $995

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