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Fake Bake Month Official Rating System

By the

Each self tanner reviewed this month will be rated across four categories, on the following scale:

1 = very poor
2 = poor
3 = satisfactory
4 = very good
5 = excellent

And the categories:

Scent, ranging from gag-inducing (1) to heavenly (5). DHA is so foul that I doubt any of them will score a 5, but we shall see!• Color. Tanners that show up orange (or not at all) get poor ratings; those with good depth of natural-looking color get praise.• Texture. Does it spread easily? Go on smooth? Look for high ratings. Slide around on your clothes? Gluey? Thumbs down.• Drying time. If you have to walk around in the buff all day waiting for it to dry, it might not be worth it.• Neatness. Neatness counts! Tanners that leave your bathroom, clothes and sheets looking like you just rolled around in the mud lose major points.• Bonus points. Tanners can earn up to 5 possible bonus points, for any added extras like sunscreen, shimmer, moisturizing ingredients, or the like.

Category ratings will be added together for a combined total of 30 possible points. At the end of the month I'll post a leaderboard listing the best and the worst.

Also, check the labels on each post so you can search by product type (tinted tanner, gradual tanner, etc).

Happy tanning!

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