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Come Party with Me Mother's Day - the Look

By partysugar

Mother's Day is this Sunday - if you didn't know, there is still time to send a card and have it arrive by Saturday! - and I am making a very special brunch to celebrate my wonderful mom. She got all teary eyed when she saw the beautiful card I made her inviting her to the brunch. As this is breakfast in bed, no over the top decorations are necessary. However a spotless house is a must and after you make the meal don't forget to clean the kitchen. The last thing your mom needs is to come downstairs from a luxurious breakfast in bed to a messy kitchen. Place the fruit salad in a silver bowl, the egg sandwich on a clean white plate, and the crepes on a separate small plate. Place all three on a beautiful old fashioned breakfast tray. Give her a big linen napkin to ensure that her bedspread does not get dirty, as well as several smaller paper napkins to wipe her fingers on. Use your good silverware and a chic fluted champagne glass for the bellini. Don't forget to place a napkin underneath the plates and glass to prevent them from sliding around on the walk from the kitchen to the bedroom. A small vase with your mom's favorite flowers will complete the look.

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