A Supposedly Terrible Thing That I'll Probably do Again

Yesterday I talked myself into a classic bad idea: a home waxing kit from Parissa. I've had a lot of generally difficult to handle life events lately, and instead of over-eating, drinking rotgut tequila or picking up sailors for stress-relief, I've been over-indulging in beauty products and spending a lot of time with globs of fruit acid goo on my face and the like. My goal with the home waxing was to waste time, and possibly to inflict a bit of pain on myself in some kind of half-baked self-abnegation ritual--not necessarily to get a good result.

So I was really quite pleasantly surprised when the stuff actually worked like a charm, and my legs are now waxed for about $5. The Parissa Lavendar Soft Geldoesn't have to be heated, so there is no issue of temperature control (I once tried some scary stuff that could have melted through the earth's mantle like molten lava after 60 seconds in the microwave). It is also water-soluble, so it didn't create a ghastly mess that required bathing in industrial solvents from home depot to clean up. The wax went on with a wooden spatula, and the cloth strips (which you can rinse out in the sink and re-use), were easy to press on and rip off. Granted, I am a blonde with pretty fine hair, and I only ever wax below the knee, which made it a manageable job, and I am not sure there's any amount of self-loathing that could make me undertake my own bikini wax, though Chris seems to think it would make an excellent S&M scene if I let him try.

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