Eating Well in the New Year.


Eating Well in the New Year.
Eating Well in the New Year.

If I were a smart blogger, I would have created a survey which would help determine the eating habits of small home business owners.

However, it would probably depress me…because, I think most of us in this category don’t eat as well as we should.

I know I don’t — which is weird because I’m kind of a self-proclaimed foodie.

I’m hoping in the year ahead, I change several of my bad habits — in the mean time, I thought I would give you a glimpse of how this small business owner gets, deals with meals during the working week:

• Breakfast: Tea
• Morning snack: Handful of Juju Bees (the thinking woman’s candy).

• Mid-morning snack: Handful of Wheat Thins

• Lunch: Several pieces of cheddar cheese.

• Afternoon snack: Couple of olives.

• Pre-dinner snack: Stand at counter, scarf down left-over take out food.

• Dinner: Tomato salad, beer?

• Post dinner snack: Doritos

• Post, post dinner snack, while preparing the morning’s plans: Twizzler’s.

I don’t know how many calories that is, but I know it’s not enough…and I’m sure JuJu Bees are not a food group.

Like many challenges that face the small business owner, taking good care of themselves is high on the list.

So in 2007, I’m going to at least try to schedule health-oriented mealtimes…at the table!

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