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By shelley

Rimmel’s new **Eye Magnifier*** Mascara is causing a buzz because it uses the same rubber spike brush format as Mac Factor and Covergirl. The formula claims to "boost volume and length to the limit", while providing separation and control.

First, it’s not bad, but it’s not clump free. It can leave clump up if you use a heavy hand. The bristles are not as "sharp" as Max or Covergirl’s versions, but they are of varying lengths. The varying is what helps in the volume department; trade-off is less than perfect separation.

The product itself give better depth and lengthens a lot better too. A teeny bit of smudging sometimes, but it’s far better than many volumizing mascaras I’ve tried.

Moderate clumping issues aside, I quite like this one. When I want big drama lashes, it’s usually because I’m going out or being fab, and my mascara needs to keep up. One of the best mascaras out there for function and value.

For a daytime alternative, a worthy option is Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender. Love how it separates into very natural looking, feathery lashes, no clumping. It adds some length, but not the 60% it touts on the package. I don’t want big volume for daytime so this has just the right amount of curve for my day.

Bottom Line: Magnifier gives "Lisa Simpson" lashes, Extender is more natural.

*I don’t know why the name changes, but this did originally launch on some continents as Magnif’eyes.

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