Does CBD Positively Influence Individual Performance?


Does CBD Positively Influence Individual Performance?
Does CBD Positively Influence Individual Performance?

CBD – also known as cannabidiol, is extracted from the oil of the hemp plant. The manufacturing process of CBD is detailed and well poised to produce organic and health beneficial products. Through full-spectrum hemp extraction, hemp oil is separated from the plant, containing all the naturally produced cannabinoids of the plant.

However, through this process, the elements of extraction may contain THC, another cannabinoid. THC is known to intoxicate marijuana hence it is removed in a laboratory. The Government prescribed levels of THC are less than 0.3% in any product. Through different processes, pure CBD is formed and then used to make a variety of hemp products.

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The Benefits Associated with CBD

CBD is well-known and widely used to influence the mind and body of the user. It acts to induce physical and emotional relaxation without intoxicating the usual brain activities. According to a survey, more than 60% of CBD consumers use it for emotional support. CBD soothes the thinking process of a person, making them generally happy by putting a break on their stressful thinking process.

Human body requires rest and some time off from the chaotic daily routine of constant work, and family commitments. Therefore, CBD in the meanwhile, emphasized on the emotional well-being of the individual. It helps people to refrain from overthinking and makes them feel good about themselves, pulling them out from the dungeons of self-doubt and insecurity.

Furthermore, CBD is a great source of calming the nerves in a pressure situation, providing the much needed support and clarity of mind to take a major decision. It helps in interpersonal relationships, increases individual productivity, and helps in managing routine life activities. CBD also acts as an anti-aging substance, and is used in many skincare products.


Applications of Different CBD Products

CBD is used and ingested in different forms. However, it primarily depends on personal preference and the reason for the use of CBD. The type of product and its method of entering the body system also determine the kick-in period of CBD.

CBD products include oil tinctures, CBD balms, CBD gummies, inhalers, vapes, and different skincare products. All of these products have varying percentages of CBD and act differently upon entering the body system of the consumer.

Ingestible methods of consuming CBD primarily include CBD gummies, and capsules. Tinctures can also be added in food or drinks for oral intake of CBD. Furthermore, CBD is also consumed through inhalation which is probably the fastest way to induce it in the system. Smokable CBD hemp flower products are widely used by consumers. They contain less than 0.3% of THC, making it non-intoxicating for the human body. Also, there are CBD infused vape juices, which are used to inhale CBD through a vape. CBD inhalers are also introduced to the markets so those who dislike the idea of smoke or vape can easily puff through these CBD inhalers.

Balm and gel products can also be incorporated with CBD. Mixed with other ingredients like menthol, these balms can act as instant pain relief for sore muscles and joints. Furthermore, its anti-aging application makes CBD a significant supplement for topical products. It is also used in bathing products and creams which propose that CBD can also lay external impact over the body.


Pet CBD Products

CBD products are not only associated with human needs, as there are several CBD products which can act for the wellbeing of pets. These CBD products are gaining popularity among animals, especially dogs, as the endocannabinoid systems allow them to process CBD. These products also act as an alternative to strong medications which have different side effects on pets.

CBD products for pets are available as soft chews and pet sprays. Soft chews act instantly to calm down a dog, especially a dog who is new to the environment or the one who was scared of fireworks or thunderstorms. It makes them more comfortable and tolerant to their environment. Similarly, there are CBD inspired pet sprays that can be used to lubricate the food or even the tongue of the pet to instantly induce CBD in its body system.


Safety and Quality

CBD products are safe to use, yet it is essential to administer and monitor them for quality assurance. The production of CBD products go through a series of laboratory tests to assure there are no harmful substances in the final product. There are many credible manufacturers and suppliers of CBD products, who use accredited and independent labs to maintain a consistent premium quality level of their products for humans and pets. These companies are a reliable source to get access to the CBD products.

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