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Do Y'all like My Shoes amp Handbags?

By popbytes

ok i've got one more post before the weekend is out - we've got jessica simpson still pimping herself out in the name of shoes & handbags - she was in new york city this weekend helping to launch her new 'designer' collection of leather goods at macy's (herald's square) the retailer has been stepping up its game over the past few months - they've nabbed a number of celebrity endorsements with people such as martha stewart, p diddy, tim gunn, & donald trump - and now jessica! check out the pictures below - i know jessica is not pregnant but don't you think that dress makes it look like she could be hiding a baby bump?!? it's very flowy a la jennifer lopez and all of her 'cover the growing bump' roberto cavalli creations! just like ms. lopez - ms. simpson is one of those people i go up & down with - right now j lo is tops but jessica for sure is on an upswing - i'm super curious to see if she can pull off this supposed upcoming 'country project' of hers! (and of course we all want to know will jessica ever find true love?!? gosh - her ups & downs are total guilty pleasure soap opera material) popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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