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Zac Posen Iconic Apple Clutch ...

By Samantha

Now typically I’m a fan of all things Zac Posen. From the moment I saw Natalie Portman in his cartoonish black and white frock at the Star Wars premiere some years ago, I’ve always been a fan at his ability to capture the female form with his garments. Spring 2007 brought the arrival of Posen’s first collection of purses, much to the disappointment of Posen fans everywhere. The designs were lacking and a bit boring; something about them failed to capture that old Hollywood glamour that he’s typically able to convey so well.

This Zac Posen Iconic Apple Clutch is a victim of the same thing. The angular shape wouldn’t flatter anyone (and yes, **handbags **do fit and flatter, just like pants, shoes, etc.) who weighs over 90 pounds, and the brass hardware doesn’t pop quite as nicely as a true gold would have with the colors the bags are available in. The leather on the clutch leaves a lot to be desired, as we’re used to delicious soft leather that begs to be pet throughout the day, the leather used on these bags isn’t too special. Semi-pebbled calfskin gives a casual look to an otherwise uptown sort-of-bag, and the kisslock closure is so tiny, you’re left fumbling around for minutes trying to grab cash or get to your Blackberry.

In the event you’re a fan (I love the emerald, just not enough to outweigh the cons of this bag), the bag is available at and retails for $556.50

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