The Knoxx Roan Weekend Handbag

November 13, 2007

The Knoxx Roan Weekend Handbag
“These bags are designed with city living in mind, so they have lots of storage space and multiple pockets. The inspiration for the line comes from the shapes of space vehicles, ice crystals and other natural forms in space.” - Jessica Maxcy, designer of Knoxx Bags.

Who is Knoxx? Not just another one of “those designers”, that pop out generic plain handbags that everyone and their mom will be spotted sporting (ehhm, LV, DB, etc). Knoxx Bags are created from very high quality leather and custom-made brass parts. She collaborates with her father who makes custom hardware by trade. Knoxx handbags are based on structure so that all design elements serve a purpose that blend into the overall shape.

The purse pictured above (I can’t stop drooling over) is the handmade Knoxx Roan weekend bag. Isn’t it stunning? Oh and it retails for, get this, under $600. It’s constructed of soft nappa leather with custom brass hardware (made by the designer and her dad) and features two side-zip cargo pockets, and front zip pocket. Dimensions: 18″ x 12″ x 5.5″

Discover the Knoxx Roan Weekend Designer Handbag
Price: $592

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