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November 15, 2007

**One-a-Kind Handbags @ Freddy & Ma**
Freddy & Ma is a dream come true. Do it yourself by designing your own bags! How many times have you showed up to a dinner party or gone to the grocery store only to see someone with the exact same handbag only feet away?! This actually just happened to me today while I was standing in line at the post office with my black gsh balenciaga city, when I noticed the lady behind me had the exact same bag as me! Come on. Freddy & Ma tackle this problem that many purse addicts face daily, by letting you design your own rare purse.

At Freddy & Ma design your own one of a kind handbag, and it’s all done in few simple steps…

First, what are you looking for? A kiss-lock closure purse, handheld clutch, hobo, shoulder bag, tote, etc, all you have to do is pick out your favorite of the 10 styles available.

I choose Cape Fear Bowler for this example because I love the shape. Did you know you this bag could comfortably fit your lap top in there? Also the long shoulder straps are totally a plus for me when looking for a day bag, especially for one that’s toting my laptop.

Second, choose the color for the leather trim. Your choices are ink, marshmallow, cork beige, chocolate, or dark crimson red.

Next step, choose from 200+ patterns available. So many to choose from, which makes this step the hardest.

If you changed your mind on the trim color, its super simple to change without back tracking, check out the drop down in the upper right corner. Also you can narrow things down by browsing newly added designs, most popular, by designer, seasonal, and so on.

Next step, if you want to change the color of the panels, this is the step to do so. We love our bag just the way it is so we aren’t going to spend much time on this step. Now on to the final step..

Last step, hardware color. I am a huge fan of silver hardware. Gold is nice, but I wear more silver and white gold.

How simple was that! You are finished. . .enjoy your new purse.

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