Bottega Veneta Royal Veneta Handbag

If you’re a bag girl, sometimes it’s hard to settle on a neutral. Every time I find a black or chocolate bag I like, I rationalize that inevitably ANOTHER black or chocolate purse will come along in my day, and I’ll pounce then. For now, I’ll buy the teal, the magenta, or another great red. Neutral handbags are a dime a dozen, so one has to really be special for me to take a second look.

The Bottega Veneta Royal Veneta Handbag deserves that second look. The gradient pattern alternates between a yummy cocoa brown and a dark camel, giving it an edge that most neutral bags lack. The comfy over-the-shoulder style can be used for day or travel, and if not filled, Veneta leather gives way to a great collapsible fall that doesn’t look too frumpy or casual if you’re the dressing-up kind of girl. The signature intrecciato leather is woven just so, giving you that lux hipster look we all long for at some point in our wardrobes. I love this bag especially for spring and summer, or with a vacation wardrobe consisting mostly of white with gold accessories. The two-toned brown bag says a lot, while staying neutral and versatile.
The Bottega Veneta Royal Veneta bag is available at for $3,340

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