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Chanel Metallic Python Bag

By Bag

At first glance, Chanel's limited edition python bag (only 25 made!) is everything I need in a bag. The gorgeous python skin (special flat scales that resemble lizard skin so it will never curl like regular python, it's amazing!) in antiquated metallic finish makes it a modern classic that will never go out of style and the three luxuriously quilted interior compartments allow for total obsessive organization. I wanted it the minute I saw it but then I tried it on and almost sprained my shoulder from the weight of the very heavy and very large chains! The chains must weigh 5 pounds and it is so bulky it wouldn't stay on my shoulders properly. I tried putting it on my arm but then the chains are long so it dangled too low and did I mention it is really heavy? Needless to say, I was devastated! A few years ago I would have bought it regardless but I am now a seasoned pro and I knew this would sit in the box more than it would be used as I would be scared to throw my back out and that would be a shame because this beauty needs to be showed off! If you are tall and have broad shoulders or have a back of steel, call Alexis to find out more about this lovely limited edition bag. 214-520-1055

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