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Bianchi Nardi Python

By Bag

One of my favorite things to do when I visit NYC is to shop at Takashimaya. Talk about cool and interesting things, you will always find something so fascinating there that you have to share it with your friends at dinner. I can spend all day there but I usually only have about an hour. And I always have lunch and stock up on my green teas. Their website is such a small glimpse of what they have but even so, it is so fun to look at. And look what I found. This Italian designer, Bianchi Nardi, with an avant-garde (but palatable) python that is truly a site to behold. The handle is stainless steel and the simple design gives it the ultra modern but comfortable styling all things Japanese seem to be. It is 10" long x 12" wide so I am shocked to see that it is only $1,900 for a python. They took a basic briefcase design and just by changing a few important details (like the uber sleek handle) this bag is transformed into a conversation starter. Oh, trust me, you take this bag out and that is all you will be talking about. Not because it is so extraordinary in any particular way, but striking and just different enough to make you look twice. As soon as I looked at it I was drawn to it like a geek is to Halo 3 (I guess knowing that reference makes me a geek but I have an excuse, I'm married to a tech guy). I am mesmerized and I must have this. They have an excellent return policy so there is no risk! Bianchi Nardi, $1900 at Takashimaya.

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