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Shopping Gold Python Blackberry Purse

By Lindsay

It seems impossible that there was a time when computers–let alone email–were unheard of, given our current dependence on both types of technology. Long gone are the days when you left the office and your life was your own. Most of us have reconciled ourselves to the fact that this is no longer the case with the prevalence of Blackberries and iPhones.

Although incredibly useful, we’ve all had moments where we’d like nothing more than to toss our PDAs into oncoming traffic. But now, thanks to Violet May, we can at least have something to look forward to when the office gets in touch just as we’re heading out for the evening. Their gorgeous gold python Blackberry purse shows that while we may be serious adults with serious matters to attend to, we do it with flair and a lot of style (and impeccable professionalism)!

You could even tote it sans-PDA for a drinks meeting or a night out, as there are convenient slots for cash and cards. Even if you aren’t strapped to your “berry”, the purse doubles as a perfect holder for your iPod or even as a great little clutch for a night out on the town. £95/$390 available at Violet May London.

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