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Christian Louboutin Alpaca Lamb Clutch

By Jennifer

January 10, 2008

Christian Louboutin Alpaca Lamb Clutch
When you think designer shoes and red soles, who comes to mind? It’s a no brainier, Christian Louboutin. CL is a standout shoe maker, whose designs are instantly recognizable with the trademark red leather sole which he got the idea from one of his employees. (Fact: One day he saw his employee putting red nail polish on, and instantly, he felt that it would be pretty to paint it on the sole too. Since then it became the signature of his shoes).

In recent time, designer Christian Louboutin branched his accessory line to include creative, distinctively unique bags - Mary Kate Olsen style.

The green emerald gem pictured above is the Christian Louboutin Alpaca Lamb hand held clutch topped off with double mini Louboutin heel ornament closure clasp. How cute and suiting is that from this shoe designer. I know a lot of you are going to disagree with me - I can just see the heart rating located at the bottom of this post quickly shift down to a low rating - but I think this little green fluff is sort of cute. What do you guys think?

Give Louboutin New York (Madison Ave) a call @ 1.212.396.1884
Price: $1,690

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