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Haute Couture Edition How Much is That Chanel Designer Handbag in the Window

By Haute

October 24th, 2007

Haute Couture Edition: How Much is That Chanel Designer Handbag in the Window
It’s the first of many editions of TBF’er Haute Couture review of how much is that designer handbag in the window. Every Wednesday Haute Couture is going to use her expertise and purse wisdom to deliver the latest information, including pricing and details on the latest designer handbags.

The first edition of Haute Couture’s weekly scoop belongs to the fabulous house of Chanel and their new purses. Pictured below is the first wave of Chanel purses…

The Chanel Ice Cube Bag
The bubbly quilted bag in PVC with the memorable braided of silver leather shoulder strap.
Price: $1,640

The Chanel Walk of Fame Purse
This is the lamb leather bag à couture smocking in coral. Personally I can not wait for the black version.
Price: $2,068

The Chanel 2.55 Reissue Wallet
A perfect purse piece for any chanel admirer, it’s the 2.55 wallet in black quilted leather.
Price: $613

The Classic Chanel Rhodoid Handbag
Quilted bag embroidered with strass, in striped denim and white rhodoid.
Price: $3,352

The Chanel Classic Crinkle Handbag
The scrunch bag by Chanel is dressed in couture pleated leather.
Price: $2,068

final word: Chanel enthusiasts, plan for a price increase this November. I know, isn’t this insane?! This is like their third price increase this year!

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