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YSL Muse Clutch

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Kelly and I love shopping (I guess you have noticed by now), we are quite good at it and after 20 years of shopping together we are also quite efficient! From New York, Paris, LA, Hong Kong to remote cities in Southern China, no one navigates around a boutique the way we do! Today was one of those great shopping days where everything went our way and many treasures were found. We spent two hours at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills (forsaking a proper lunch and grabbing a salad in the cafe as to not waste time) and another two hours on Rodeo Dr. at our favorite boutiques, YSL, Chanel, Hermes etc.

At YSL, we found the yummiest bags on sale including an olive ostrich bag that was reduced to $3500 from $5900 (which we talked each other out of buying because it kind of resembled a load of bread). But Kelly found a gorgeous clutch for us that we both had to have (it was not on sale but isn't that always the case?)- The Muse clutch in silver/gray Tupinambi lizard skin. Everything about it is delirious perfection! The size (around 8x4), the skin (gorgeous lizard scales dyed in varying shades of silver and gunmetal gray), the perfect stitching and the iconic muse clasp (which totally makes the clutch). We talk about classic pieces all the time and I can't think of another more classic and gorgeous clutch than this! We usually have very different tastes but this one stole both our hearts.

$1,195 (quite reasonable for an exotic skin) Call Fatima at (310) 271-4110. There are also a lot of boots and shoes on sale but if you are anything like us, you'll probably fall in love with pieces not on sale.

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