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Diva Idol Behavior?

By HollyWit

"If an award were given to the person who throws the most hissyfits, temper tantrums, and exhibits the most out-of-control behavior, looks like the prize would go to contestant Taylor Hicks. But, according to the anecdotes compiled by Star, judge Paula Abdul holds her own in the diva department. “The minute Taylor made the top 24, he became difficult and he seemed to get worse over time,” a source told the tab. All the male contestants on the show became friends — except Hicks. “He was conceited and cold,” according to the insider. “Once he was in the top eight, I think he no longer wanted to be on the show.” Some examples cited by Star: when in the top ten, Taylor didn’t want a bodyguard to accompany him to the men’s room as required and reportedly told one to “f$$k off,” he refused to go to photo shoots, and he wouldn’t speak to others in the show’s green room."

Hmmm...I had never heard this before. But, it might make sense. For the ENT Lawyer from Crazy Days and Nights who was at Clive Davis party states: " Taylor Hicks - He was there. He was gone." Maybe because his album did worse than Chris's or Katherine's he decided to high tail it out of there. Who knows? But being a diva doesn't become you, Taylor.

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