Coach Fragrance Line amp LE Straw Basket with Goodies ...


Coach Fragrance Line amp LE Straw Basket with Goodies ...
Coach Fragrance Line amp LE Straw Basket with Goodies ...

Coach has actually made an accessory line printed with a red/pink fragrance theme in celebration of their new perfume. They’ve also made up a limited edition compilation of the LE Jasmine XL Straw “Basket” bag filled with pieces from the line, plus a pair of shades and the exclusive to the “gift basket”, bronzer compact (which I think is a pretty awesome little beauty case).

The main feature of this LE gift set is the Jasmine XL Straw Basket ($998 separately, limited on its own as well) which features a rounded body of straw, orange leather and snake skin trim, brass hardware with ringed full-height straps and fragrance-print lining with 5 interior pockets. It’s sized 24″ x 13.5″ x 10.5″!

The official list of items included is: Fragrance-print crusher hat, beach towel, Framed coin purse, Patti sunglasses, and an exclusive Bronzer Set in the Fragrance Print Case.

The cost of the package is $1600 (eek) too steep for me even though I’d love to own this, but instead I can pick up a little piece of the “fragrance” line separately. My choice is the unique “Brush case” which can be used as a beauty case or even a clutch! Love it. If you can’t get the package, which is in limited quantities, perhaps look on eBay for that exclusive bronzer, as I will. (No low price guarantee, though.)

If you have the cash/budgeting and love for Coach or just plain cute accessories, go for it, it’s sold online at or in select boutiques, but you can always have it shipped free by calling your favorite store location/favorite SA.

Below are photos of what’s included in the Limited Edition Fragrance Straw Gift Basket:

And here are photos of separate items from Coach’s Fragrance-Print collection:

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