Trying out the Coach Perfume


Trying out the Coach Perfume
Trying out the Coach Perfume

The first perfume from Coach, the leather bag company, is titled after the company name, and slightly disappointingly doesn’t have that heavenly aroma of that best smelling leather their bags do.

But the fragrance - which is woodsy set in floral with hints of citrus - is chic, feminine yet smart, and just a bit of “get lost in.” It’s somewhat friendly, as opposed to my “Falling in Love” signature scent (also a woodsy), but it has just enough of, “gosh my friend’s attractive” in it to do you for the every day. (Which might be dangerous in its own right, take note.) It fits right in with work, study, coffee breaks, errands and of course, shopping for handbags, but I also find it sexy enough to get a new date’s pulse beating.

One of the best parts of Coach’s perfume is their bottle/displays. A company rooted in aesthetic and details, their 1.7 oz bottle’s glass has Signature Cs, a tiny hangtag, and even the bottle stop has COACH Signature detail - their logo lozenge shape (not well pictured). If you’re seeking variety, portability, or something less expensive than the already-affordable $68, there are two other options: There’s a test-shaped “Purse Spray” for keeping in your handbag, then there’s something I quite like the idea of: perfume solid, for rubbing against the skin - no perfume wasted! It’s also good for traveling - no spilling! But there’s even more goodness in the packaging, the hangtag-shaped compact can be attached to a key ring or a bag—it’s dripping with portability (and not with parfum liquid)! The two smaller versions cost $42 and $40, respectively.

I myself have a couple of freebie testers that will last me a time, but I think I just might purchase when those are gone! If you’d rather try, buying another Coach product should get you a tester, or perhaps requesting a catalog will get you a copy with a paper leaf sample. If you are ready to buy (which is a big step) shop online or in any boutique.

If you’ve sniffed this eu do parfum, tell me what you think!

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