Closure Baby


You know the whole "closure" concept. Well, here goes.

I expected him to have a little class about the situation. He, however, left me with nothing to go on. Which, let's face it, burns. In my case, a real mind fuck.

There have been two other cases in my life where I failed to get closure on a situation. They were a little different though. In both cases after things ended the other person went far away. Wait? What was I saying? Dammit that makes no sense.

Let's try this scary thought. I'm typically the leaver.. not the leavee. So when you put two leavers together who are also competitive people and one beats the other to the leaving. Not only does the leavee lose. The leavee is seriously trounced.

Now as much as I'd like to continue exploring my feelings and wallowing in self pity... maybe engage in some blog pity... heck I could continue with a whole big blog pity party for weeks or months, I think I'll just say "when". Because they say you are supposed to know when to say that.

Instead I guess I'll just admit it. He got me. He had the superior skills. He made the right moves. He got me. And believe me the prize was pretty fucking amazing. No wonder he tried so hard.

That's closure baby.

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