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VPOD My Little PonyTail

By Fashion

Once a love of vintage seeps into your bones, it's not unusual to see it spread like a virus beyond just clothing and find its way into your closet in both shoes and purses. Then it might seep into your jewelry box. And perhaps from there into other areas of your life like writing accessories, compacts, and yes, even hair accessories like today's VPOD.As a vintage buyer, I know sometimes I have to buy six items I don't really want in order to get the one that I do. Sometimes I have to buy a whole tray of mix-matched jewelry at auction in order to snag that one dazzling bracelet. So what happens to the "misfits?" Well, I'm always looking for ways to incorporate them or re-use them. In fact, I'm hoping to launch a reconstructed vintage line when I re-open my online vintage boutique (coming soon ladies!) and all these "misfits" are part of the reason.When I saw this ponytail holder, I thought what a great way to use all those beautiful rhinestone clip earrings that are missing their matches. A glitzy, fun accessory for the vintage fashionista!Available at Michelle's Vintage Jewelry.(To receive the VPOD via email with detailed size, price and purchase information, sign up for my growing email mailing list. Your information will never be sold or shared and you can unsubscribe at any time.)Send Page To a FriendTechnorati Tags: Fashion, Vintage, Vintage Clothing [...]

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