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Christina Ricci Burned by Reindeer Fur "W" Cover ...

By Sarah

The outrage aftermath following Christina Ricci’s “W” Magazine cover on which she dons reindeer fur has made a real effect on the star.

Her possible former #1 fan and webmaster of, #2 Google result for “Christina Ricci”, took down the content of his fan site but left this note,

Well, that’s it. I’ve had this Christina Ricci fan page for almost 8 years (since januari [sic] 1999), but I recently found out Christina doesn’t appear to have a problem wearing fur. Well, I do. I also have a problem with people who wear fur. Conclusion: I have a problem with Christina. And now that problem is solved, because I don’t have a website about her anymore, so I no longer have anything to do with her.

The mag came out just in time for PETA to put Ricci on their worst dressed list for 2006, as well. This reaction caused Christina to try to make things right; she e-mailed the organization with an apology, vowing to do better. Never-before to be wimps, PETA took her off the list.

Does it have anything to do with crying children afraid she slaughtered Rudolph? Alas, the children have no Internet voice, apparently - or this whole thing was kept from them. What sadistic and ironic thinking led W to put dead reindeer skin on their cover in the holiday season? I suggest PETA put the magazine on some list!

Source: News Journal Online

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