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A Womans Best-kept Secrets Smart at Love Has Been Nominated for a Bloggies Award

By Annie

I don’t know about you, but one of my best-kept secrets is not my age. Never has been, and never willbe.

Along with actresses Demi Moore, Ally Sheedy, and Jodie Foster, I was bornin the same Chinese Year of the Tiger. That would be 1962. And yes, you can dothe math. This year I’ll be turning f-f-f-forty five!

(Hey. Madonna is FOUR YEARS olderthan I am, and she’s not doing so bad, is she?)

My better-kept secrets -- that I’m willing to admit to you, anyway --include two nightly addictions.

The first secret is falling asleep to the voice of someone other than myhusband. I’m referring to the voice of Dr. James Rouse on the CD, “Sleep:Guided Relaxation & Instrumental Harmonies.” That man really knows how to relaxa woman and send her off to sleep with a smile on her face! If you have troublefalling or staying asleep, give the good doctor a try.

The second nightly secret, which is more to me like a woman’s secret weapon, is themiracle in a tube called RoC Retinol. I don’t do plastic surgery or injections.But I have tried just about every cosmetic potion known to womankind. That's why I'm a regular visitor to the excellent consumer information site,, where all those potions are mercilessly reviewed by women.

Apparently though, one of my better-kept secrets happens to be this blog. At least that's what one of the wildest, brainiest, most talented writers onthe Internet -- Certifiable Princess (CP) -- announced today (here). CP has goneand nominated Smart at Love for one of the Seventh Annual Weblog Awards(a.k.a., “The Bloggies”).

And the category is? The “Best-Kept Secret Weblog,” naturally!

Through Thursday, January 11th (10 PM Eastern Standard Time), youtoo can go to theBloggies Awards page and nominate Smart at Love as one of thebest-kept secrets on the Internet. With enough nominations in the category, myblog could be a f-f-f-finalist in the competition.

Kind of scary for me to consider, but it would seriously make my day.

While you’re at the Bloggies page -- hopefully casting a vote my direction-- nominate ALL your favorite blogs and bloggers in various categories. Writinga blog each week is an amazing experience, but it does take quite a bit of work.When you cast your Weblog Awards votes, you let bloggers like me know that the workwe put into this is worth something to you.

So. Thanks in advance.


If you haven't visited Certifiable Princess, do it now. CP openly shares her most wicked secrets like no one else can, and she and her blog deserve to be all over your Bloggies ballot!

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