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Styledash Introduces Sarah J. Gim ...

By Sarah

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We're working our way around the Styledash team so that you get to know our writers a little bit beyond the sparkling gloss and fabulous shoes. Today, it's Sarah J. Gim, one of your humble leads (Oh, that's moi!) Since I'm not very good writing about myself, I'm doing this as an "interview," which might seem weird since I'm interviewing myself, but hey, you didn't expect anything less than a split personality from a girl in LA, right?

Do you have a personal blog?
Yep, but I don't write much about anything style-related on The Delicious Life except to mention that every once in a while, I stomp around the kitchen in a frilly little apron and 4½" stiletto heels.

**List three words that describe your style.
**Flirty. Rocker. Fickle.

What is your day job, or rather, what do you do when you're not blogging?
Um, not blogging? I also blog for Styledash's food-obsessed sibling, Slashfood. Oh, we said "not blogging."

**How long have you been blogging with Styledash and what is your favorite post?

**I've been with Styledash even before the September 2006 launch (wait, does that make me "old?"). My favorite post is where readers railed into me for saying that Uggs, along with other trends like bubble skirts, should be trashed.

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