Cold Remedies and Keira Knightly

I promise I’ll stop whining about how sick I’ve been lately…but I think now I’m becoming a little wacko.

Sometimes, for me, a very bad cold can take on some characteristics of depression…so there’s a few things I try to avoid thinking about when I’m sick as I have been, since New Year’s eve:

• I try not to worry about work so much.
• I try to shut off my mental DVD that would normally have me revisiting my crazy up-bringing, several awful career faux pas, and well, just my overall incompetence.

• I try not to look in the mirror too much because…it’s just, well you know what you look like when you’re sick.

But here’s something I’ve not thought about before…you should not watch beautiful movie stars when you’re in this condition.

I happened to have caught Pride and Predjudice…the remake with Keira Knightly.

This girl is so astonishingly beautiful, it became tedious to watch her. She is luminous, mysterious-looking…she’s just one of those stars that you can’t not look at while she’s in a scene.

Julia Roberts used to be my pick for most beautiful star…but she can sometimes take on that “good light/bad light” thing (Anyone familiar with the Seinfeld show?).

Of course, after the movie, I ended up staring at myself in the mirror…wishing I lived in Jane Austin’s England.

I told you, I’ve become totally bonkers with this cold.

Tonight I think maybe I’ll just read. I’m thinking something Sex and the City-ish.

p.s. Whatshername, Apple’s mother, in Emma can have a similar effect on me.

Image: Universal Studios

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