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Chloe Sevigny for the New Chloe Fragrance

By popbytes

good evening! i was browsing one of my favorite fashion & lifestyle websites - **v magazine** which in addition to having a kick-ass monthly magazine also has a daily blog! today they were featuring new ads for the soon to be released new **chloé** fragrance (launching in the spring) and one of their models is indie darling chloë sevigny - who looks absolutely gorgeous - clean & refreshing! i know her sense of fashion can be a bit off kilter but she for sure has a unique style - there's no arguing that point! (plus can you think of any other non-porno actresses that gave a blowjob on screen?!? (2003's brown bunny) she's so not afraid to take chances or oddly hot & hung vincent gallo in her mouth...) in addition to ms. sevigny - the campaign also features clémence poésy and model anja rubik! if you haven't seen chloë in gummo - i highly recommend checking out that film - but be warned - it's a movie that after seeing you'll need to take a shower - it's great though! (it's so dirty - and not sexy dirty - like really dirty i.e. dust & grime!) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!


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